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President Li Read 250.537.7647
Vice-President John Cade 250.537.7547
Vice-President Jeremy Milsom 250.537.9339
Treasurer Cornelia Kreikke 250.538.0196
Secretary Murray Nurse 250.537.2293
Membership Committee Co-Chair Matt Steffich 250.537.8448
Finance Committee Co-Chair Dale Schweighardt 250.537.5559
Director Tiele McDonald 250.538.5018
Director Philip Reese 250-537-6956
Director Ian Clement 250-537-5505
Director Maggie Allison 250-537-6665
Director Peter Lloyd-Jones 250.538.1716
Executive Director  Janet Clouston  250-537-4223

Chamber of Commerce Bylaws (2014) are here:


Based on the Salt Spring Chamber Bylaws, members in good standing can come by the office during regular office hours and have access to the books of the organization, including past meeting minutes.

Any additional questions and information on how to join the Chamber Board or a Committee are welcomed by calling 250.537.4223 or emailing