Blossom Tree Spa

Welcome to the Blossom Tree Spa, located on the jewel of the Gulf Islands, Salt Spring Island.  

After spending my early years cooking in restaurants, I realized that I loved the feeling of giving to other people, but the fast-paced physical stress of working in that environment was affecting my health, so I sought out another way of taking care of people. I’ve always been interested in the healing arts and how we can facilitate healing in others.  I have taken various courses, and I am a certified esthetician. I also took a spa management and design course at Langara College which trained me in many modalities including: Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Sound & Colour Therapy, Shiatsu, Hydrotherapy and Spa Design.  I believe everyone needs time to rest and recuperate, our lives are filled with busyness and we forget to take care of ourselves. That’s where Blossom Tree Spa comes in!

Relax and renew at the Blossom Tree Spa with soothing treatments and products that are natural and organic. Leave feeling an inner sense of of peace and happiness.

Services include manicures, pedicures using homemade footscrubs and bath salts, relaxation massage, Jade stone massage, Indian head massage( which is done seated) Facials using local products. ( my toners and elixirs)   I also make: room sprays, facial toners, facial elixirs,  body scrubs, bath salts, botanical perfumes, lip balms and lotion.


Phone: 250 538 8816

1204 Grace Point Square

: Salt Spring Island

: V8K 2T9



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