Island Diaries featuring Salt Spring Island on Knowledge Network!

Island Diaries is showcasing Salt Spring Island!  Join host Sophie Fouron (from Waterfront Cities of the World) as she travels the globe to discover the unique lifestyles being lived out on islands. From Canada to Japan to Cape Verde, discover what similarities these island communities share, and what sets them apart.  Starting on November 2nd, you can watch this great 1-hour episode on Salt Spring Island featuring our dear friend Arvid Chalmers.  First the Food Network, now Island Diaries – Exciting!   Watch the episode here

Here is what they have to say about us:  “Salt Spring Island – A stone’s throw away from Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island is known as British Columbia’s go-to place for hippies. It’s 10,000 or so inhabitants, many of them retired, enjoy the self-sufficiency, solidarity and tranquility of their tight-knit community.”  Thank you Knowledge Network and Island Diaries for such a great show!

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